Concatenate Conference

The concatenate conference is a free conference for Nigerian developers with topics ranging from frameworks to design systems, performance to animation. It is a successful attempt to bridge the gap between Nigerian developers and international conferences. Over the years, developers from the African region has faced tremendous challenges in securing passage to attend international conferences, Concatenate solves this challenge by taking these conferences to them, maintaining the quality of the conference by getting the best speakers and and keeping it free for all attendants. This year, the concatenate conference will expand into one more African country Kenya.

Forloop Africa

The Forloop community is a community of passionate software developers and enthusiasts across Africa. It is the largest independent community of developers in Africa. The community is currently operational in over 10 African countries and counting. I help in spreading this commuity across more Africa coutries.

The community is a developer centric community by developers, focused around open-source, practical knowledge, tech culture, career growth and connecting developers together. It is a group based in the UAE with hopes of expanding into other cities in the Middle East to spread the word about latest technologies and practical development concepts.

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